Africa’s green revolution

Namanga Ngongi, AGRA. © AGRForum 2010

On Wednesday, AGRA’s Namanga Ngongi placed smallholders at the center of our discussions on agriculture. He declared agriculture to be “by far the most important sector for any reform agenda in Africa and the main catalyst for ending poverty on the continent.”

AGRA is supporting the development of technologies required for a green revolution in African agriculture. “We support 60 seed enterprises throughout Africa that last year produced 25,000 metric tons of seed.” In 2018, he said, “we should get 250,000 tons, enough to plant between 12 and 15 million hectares of crops.” Then, we should see the transformation of African agriculture. We need to take it to scale.

Making finance available to farmers through credit schemes is one of AGRA’s latest achievements. “Farmers need access to affordable finance to make farming a business. Until now, banks have avoided lending to smallholders, considering them too risky. AGRA is helping to change this.”

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